About Flash Probe

Flash probe is meant to provide web developers and design enthusiasts a means of quickly creating HTML pages out of Flash-based websites. The free tool will decompile your SWF and show you the images, text and links that are contained in it. Apart from usage statistics, Flash Probe does not collect, resell or permanently host third party content on its server. After submission of a file, the text and images are available for around 30 minutes after which time all content is deleted.

Disallowing Flash Probe in robots.txt

The Flash Probe follows generally accepted directives from a robots.txt residing on your domain. The user-agent of our bot is FlashProbe. To disallow FlashProbe from downloading a flash file on your server, add the following lines to a robots.txt textfile and upload it to your server:

User-agent: FlashProbe
Disallow: /

Project Information

The project is led by the team at ToFlash, a web design agency based in Montreal, Canada. If our bot is being impolite or you would like to get in touch with us for any other reason, use the following email: . Suggestions for improving the tool are welcome. If you have questions quickly skim through our help file to make sure they were not already addressed.