Flash Probe - Frequently Asked Questions

Flash Probe cannot find flash file in a given web page. What do I do?

You may save the flash file to your computer first and then upload it to us by clicking on Upload SWF from our homepage.

Flash Probe does not find the text/image/link I was looking for. It's useless!

Sometimes other files are loaded dynamically into the main one that may include the image or text you are looking for. On the Flash Probe result page look into the "External Links" field. You may find the image or mp3 file to be one of those links. Or perhaps there is another flash file with the extension .swf in that field. Copy the URL of the external SWF file and run it through Flash Probe, since it may contain what you are looking for.

Can Flash Probe extract sound files, actionscript and video (i.e from Youtube)?

At this time Flash Probe can only extract text and images. In the future other functionality may be implemented.

Flash Probe fails after uploading a file.

Usually it is caused by the filesize being greater than 10MB. Please upload SWF files below this size threshold.

Can this tool access flash media on SSL Web pages (https://)?

This feature has not been implemented yet.

Are there advertising opportunities on the Flash Probe website?

Yes, drop us a line and we will discuss it with you: